Our Services

  • Project Management

    We fully recognise the major influence that good strategic planning has on controlling project expenditure for the subsequent execution stage of the project...(more)
  • Project Management Training

    Project Management training and certification can significantly reduce projects risks because certified professionals have the knowledge to overcome obstacles and complete projects on time and...(more)
  • Project Management Resourcing and Resources

    Learn about our Powerproject software, a programme and project management tool which allows us to see all ongoing and pipeline projects at any one time and manage resource...(more).
  • Project Management Audit

    There are dozens of financial variables, both internally and externally, that can affect your project, from changing economic conditions, through evolving technology, to expanding/contracting...(more)
  • Architecture and Design

    Our architects, engineers, construction teams and mechanical services professionals come together to offer exceptional depth of resources in service to clients of virtually any size...(more)
  • Construction Management

    In addition to construction management and project management, we provide a complete range of field construction services, including modular construction and fabrication for clients...(more)