Project Resourcing

Resource project management - take control of your resources
The problem with using basic software, like MS Project, is that it only allows you to manage one project at a time, so you can’t see conflict across all projects and resource. We use Asta Powerproject suite, a programme and project tool which allows us to see all ongoing and pipeline projects at any one time and manage resource more effectively across them all.

Combine effective resource management and efficient project management with the Asta Powerproject suite

Asta Powerproject gives you the tools to take a proactive approach to managing your resourcing issues, whatever the size of your business or the types of resources you are dealing with. Asta Powerproject enables you to:

  • Allocate the most appropriate resources to each job
  • Compare actuals against planned
  • Avoid resourcing bottlenecks with effective capacity planning

Does your company need to focus on Time & Resource Management?